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Tungsten, Titanium, Or Ceramic: Which Is Best For Your Affordable Wedding Bands?

There was a time when the metal choices for wedding rings and bands consisted of gold and silver. Then came platinum, white gold, and rose gold. Now, you have more options than ever for your rings, and one isn't even a metal. Precious metals are no longer dominating the wedding ring and band world, and many couples are choosing titanium, tungsten, and even ceramic wedding bands. Why? These materials can be just as affordable as they are beautiful, and some offer unique benefits that more "traditional" wedding ring options don't. Intrigued? Here is the scoop on each wedding band option and just why couples have become so excited about their new choices. 


Titanium is typically a dark-silver tone, although black titanium is being offered by some ring makers. This wedding band option is very affordable and the hypoallergenic nature of titanium makes it a good choice for anyone with very sensitive skin or allergies to other metals. 

Titanium is also relatively hard, and it ranks as a number 6 on the Mohs scale, which is second to only tungsten in ring-metal strength. That means that a titanium ring is more resistant to scratching and bending than gold and silver, but it can still scratch over time. 

Titanium rings are very affordable, which is why many ring-shoppers on budgets look into them before they look into other alternative metal rings. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a titanium ring if you truly love it, paying just a few extra bucks for a higher-quality ring metal, such as tungsten, will allow you to have a ring that is more affordable over the long-run, as less maintenance and replacement will be required. 


Tungsten is another newer ring metal that has been skyrocketing in popularity since it was introduced to the ring world. Tungsten carbide, which is what is used in most tungsten rings, ranks in at a super-hard 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it about the most durable ring material on the market and extremely scratch-resistant. If you or your sweetie work with your hands for a living, or just want a ring that you don't have to worry about scratching no matter what your day has in store, then tungsten is the perfect ring metal for you. 

Even if you don't have a lifestyle that causes you to scratch your rings often, most other ring materials dull over time. The hardness of tungsten leads to it staying super-shiny for practically forever, which is why many sellers of tungsten rings offer lifetime warranties against scratching and dulling when they don't offer these warranties for other ring materials. Why? Because they know that virtually no one will have to take advantage of the warranty, as the rings just simply do not dull. 

Another great quality of tungsten rings is that they come in many color options, unlike other ring-metal options. Want the look of silver? Choose traditional gray tungsten. Want the look of white gold? White tungsten will mimic this popular look at a fraction of the price. Black tungsten is also an available option that many men and women love. 

The surface of your tungsten wedding bands can also be stamped with fun or stylish patterns to make your rings truly unique, and these rings can be engraved.


Ceramic wedding bands are in a class all their own. All ceramic differs and can't really be ranked on the Mohs scale, as ceramic is a material made of many elements. If you have a ceramic vase in your home, then you can just imagine a portion of that molded into a ring. 

Ceramic wedding bands are also affordable and can be just plain fun! Want a pink wedding band with a heart pattern? That is possible when choosing ceramic for your ring. This material can be made into pretty much any color that exists, and patterns can be embedded right into them. If you and your soon-to-be spouse want rings that are fun and quirky, then ceramic may be perfect for you. 

If you don't want to spend your entire wedding budget on your wedding bands, then consider titanium, tungsten, or ceramic bands. They look just as beautiful as more pricey bands, and, if you choose tungsten, you can even have the look of almost any other precious metal band you have been coveting.