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Ten Inspiring Birthday Gifts For The Outdoorsy Man

Choosing a unique birthday gift from places like This-N-That Gifts for the outdoor-loving guy isn't always an easy task. A gift that is unique yet essential should fit the bill nicely, especially for a hiker or camper. To help you strike a perfect balance of practicality and distinction, here are ten clever birthday gift ideas:

1. All-in-One Outdoor Survival Kit

These compact survival kits will fit into a knapsack and feature such practicalities as a flashlight, knife, compass and more. Some kits feature emergency whistles. Others feature powdered energy drink mixes. Essentially, the survival kit should also include a first aid pack and foiled blanket for keeping warm.

2. Glow-In-The Dark Safety Belt

This safety belt features glow-in-the-dark technology for great visibility at night. If your man enjoys biking, walking or any outdoor activity at night, this safety accessory can literally be a lifesaver. It's made with fiber optics that emit the LED glow. It should come equipped with the necessary batteries that will last for a few hundred hours usage.

3. Survival Knife Wilderness Blade

Does your guy enjoy hunting, camping or hiking in the great outdoor wilderness? If so, a survival knife will come in handy. Look for a serrated blade that features several functions including emergency whistle and flashlight. It should be waterproof as well.

4. Backpack With Recharging Base

This is a high-tech gift for the outdoor enthusiast. If the man in your life enjoys hiking and camping, he will want his mobile device to always have a charge when he needs it. A backpack with a charging battery pack will keep his devices fully charged at all times. The built-in recharging base should power up two or three devices simultaneously.

5. Portable Folding Hiking Boots

Here's a modern accessory for the hiker or camper. Some footwear companies and sporting goods stores sell hiking boots that actually fold for compact storage. This means they can be stored in a backpack or folding tent very easily, and they are more lightweight than ordinary hiking boots.

6. No-Fire Camping Cookware

What if your adventurer wants a home cooked meal while exploring the wild, yet he doesn't wish to start an open fire to do so? This is no problem with flame-less cookware. This type of set will feature removable heating pads that will heat soups, stews and other quick meals in a flash. Find these at your high-end sporting goods or camping supply store.

7. Indestructible Mobile Phone Case

Your adventure-seeker will keep his smart phone protected with a steel case. Durable and rugged, this type of cell phone case should fit many types of smart phones. It's shock-absorbing and made with the same materials as Swiss army knives, so you know it will stand up to the great outdoors.

8. Wash-Bag Portable Clothes Washer

What a unique birthday gift sure to please your outdoor-loving man. This accessory works by placing some laundry soap and water into the bag, along with the soiled clothing. It has a built-in scrubber-type board that scours away dirt and grime as the individual rubs the bag a few times. One thing is almost certain: Your guy is unlikely to receive another one like it on his birthday.

9. GPS "Smart Watch"

Better than a compass, the "smart Watch" will display the distance and speed of your man's excursions. When tracking mileage, it can sync with a website of choice to send an alert via the web in the event of an emergency. It's a high-tech gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

10. Portable Grill-In-a-Briefcase

It looks like a compact suitcase or briefcase. It houses a grilling surface, great for cooking up hotcakes, sausage or eggs. Made of stainless steel, the portable barbecue grill is rugged and durable, suited for outdoor use.

Any of the above mentioned gifts are sure to be used and appreciated by the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Don't forget, you can add your own supplementary touch by adding a first aid bundle, water bottle or sunscreen to your package. Happy trails and happy birthday to your man.