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Hunt Like A Hero With A Collection Of Avenger-Like Supplies

You may not have the superpowers of heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor, but you can hunt wild animals like you're a part of the Avengers. By choosing select hunting gear, you can emulate your favorite heroes and potentially have more success while on the hunt.

Browse through the following supplies to see what types of hunting supplies can make you more like your favorite member of The Avengers.

Hunting Optics

Iron Man's suit gives him the ability to see far distances, zoom in on objects, and scan items as needed. With hunting optics, you can come pretty close to the same vision capabilities found in an Iron Man suit.

  • Night Vision: Night hunters can see hundreds of feet ahead with a night vision scope. This helps while aiming for animals and spotting the difference between different creatures in the night.
  • Rangefinders: rangefinders use advanced computer functions to determine distances, wind speeds, and weather elements. Much like Iron Man blasting a laser from his hand, the rangefinder can help you make the most accurate shot possible.
  • Weatherproofing: Advanced scopes work in multiple conditions. This allows you to hunt without worrying about water damage, fogging lenses, or accidental drops due to high winds. The durability is comparable to the mask that Tony Stark wears as Iron Man.

Archery Accessories

Bow hunting is a great sport that can be done with a variety of animals like turkey and duck. When bow hunting, you can select accessories that transform you into a similar shooter to the hero Hawkeye.

  • Bows: Hawkeye uses a compound bow that is also ideal for hunting. These bows feature easier ways to pull back, create tension, and launch more accurate shots.
  • Arm Guard: Hawkeye is often seen wearing two arm guards while shooting arrows. These arm guards can help prevent arrows from slicing into an arm. While hunting, these arm guards are ideal for quick shooting, when your form may be a little off.
  • Arrow Holder: Hawkeye always has some extra arrows slung over his back, and you should too while hunting. An archery case holder can keep your hands free while still giving you quick access to the arrows when needed.

Rock Hammers

While hunting, there may be obstacles that make it difficult to set up gear, create trails, and reach areas. When this problem occurs, it's the perfect time to pull out your inner Thor. A rock hammer is a great accessory to get through the elements and set up your ideal hunting location.

A rock hammer can work similarly to Thor's powerful hammer. It can be used to slam down on rocks and break them into smaller pieces. When climbing small cliffs for hunting, the hammer can be used to etch out small areas for feet so that they are better for climbing. With a small case, the hammers are easy to pack and carry with your hunting gear.

Scents & Dispensers

The Scarlet Witch is a long standing member of the Avengers that makes her debut in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron." Part of her powers is using spells and mind control to easily manipulate enemies. While hunting, there are multiple supplies that can have the same effect on prey you're looking for. Animal scents can be spread all over the hunting area, attracting animals and manipulating them with the smells.

Just like the Scarlet Witch can cast a powerful spell over an area, a scent bomb has the ability to cover large hunting areas. Once released, animals can smell the scents from miles away and comes towards your ideal areas. When you're not hunting, scent dispensers can release the scents so that the animals are in the same area for the next time you hunt.

Communication Accessories

While hunting with multiple people, communication is important for positions, animal sightings, and other information. Proper communication tools provided the Avengers with ways to talk and relay information as quickly as possible.

Hunting supplies should include wireless earpieces, walkie talkies, and radio stations for hunting in deep woods or when using cabins.

Using the above tools can make your hunt more effective and make you feel a little more like your favorite Avenger. The best way to determine your needed supplies is to make a list and stay as organized as possible. This way you will not forget supplies or be stuck without your hunting necessities.