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Tips To Help Women Choose The Right Pair Of Cowboy Boots

If you have never owned a pair of cowboy boots and would like to buy a pair, you may be lost knowing what you should look for in a pair of boots. While cowboy boots are popular for men, many women also like wearing them. There are hundreds of different types of cowboy boots you can choose from, and here are some tips that may help you choose a female pair of cowboy boots that you will love, wear, and appreciate for many years.

Different Shapes Of Boots

While all cowboy boots, like ones from Cowpokes, are designed in similar way, there are differences with the way the toes of the boots are shaped. Here are the two main types available:

  • Rounded-toe – Rounded-toe boots are often considered a more comfortable fit because they offer more room for your toes to move. This type offers a more casual look for everyday use.
  • Pointed-toe – A lot of women prefer pointed-toe boots simply because of the way they look. Boots with points create a sharp edge at the tip of the boots, and they often make boots like dressy, classy, and stylish.

Most boots come in both of these types, but it is up to you to choose the type you prefer.

Height Differences

The second thing to consider when buying a pair of cowboy boots is the height, and there are two different types of height when it comes to cowboy boots. The first type is the height of the heel. Almost all cowboy boots have heels. Some boots have shorter heels that may be around three-quarters of an inch tall, while others can have higher heels as tall as one and three-quarters of an inch.  

Choosing the heel height is often based on two factors — comfort and your height. If you are really short, choosing a boot with higher heels can help you look taller. If you are tall, you may want to avoid wearing any shoes that make you taller than you already are. Comfort is also important too. If you feel a lot more comfortable in flatter shoes, go with a pair that has a shorter heel.

The second type of height to consider is the actual height of the boots. In other words, how tall are the boots on your legs? Some boots are relatively short, and these are great to wear with skirts and shorts. You can also find boots that are mid-calf, which are usually around 10 inches tall. Both the shorter and mid-size boots are also good if you plan on wearing your jeans over them.

If you want to find a pair of boots that can fit over your jeans, choosing a tall pair is a good choice. Tall pairs often extend up to the knee and look great over jeans and other types of pants.

Style, Color, and Material

As a woman, the height and toe style of cowboy boots will be important to you, but the style, color, and material will also matter. You will want a pair of boots that look great, and that you will be able to wear with a lot of different outfits.

The first thing to consider is the material of the boots. While most boots are made with calfskin, you can also buy boots made of alligators, ostriches, lizards, and snakes. Each type will have a slightly different look and may come in different colors.

The colors on the boots and the style of the boot are also important factors to look at. You can find boots made of one color, or you can find them made of many colors combined. Some have embroidery on them, while others may have rhinestones, tassels, or spurs.

As you look for the right pair of boots, keep these factors in mind. You may find dozens of pairs you like, or one pair might just jump out at you. If you are interested in finding a pair that you will really love, start looking online at a cowboy boot store.