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Recommendations to Help You Play Nerf War Games Safely

Playing with Nerf guns is not just for children anymore; many adults have been joining in on the fun. With any fun active diversion, it is important to avoid injury and accidents while you enjoy yourself. Here are some rules and tips to help keep your Nerf games safe and fun.

Protect Yourself

One of the first and most important rules for playing with a Nerf gun is to wear the proper safety glasses. Your vision is at risk when you play Nerf war with others, as the bullets, although made of plastic and foam, can fly rapidly and exert enough pressure to damage your retina and your vision. This type of injury can cause temporary pain, inflammation, and blurry vision, and it could also lead to permanent damage and even blindness.

To help you and your friends play safely, make it a rule that each player must wear proper safety glasses the entire time or else they will be disqualified. You can find safety glasses at most hardware, sports, and other shopping centers, that come in a variety of cool colors and styles to match your Nerf war gear and clothing. And if you are one who gets overly sweaty during a Nerf war, safety glasses anti fog is a feature that can help you keep your vision clear.

Protect Your Equipment

Make sure you take care of your gun to prevent it from breaking. Don't throw or drop your gun, because it can break the internal components of the gun and cause it to misfire or not fire at all. When you are not using it, place it on a solid surface in a safe location for storage to prevent its falling.

Just as you should wear proper gear to keep yourself safe during a Nerf war, don't make any alterations to your gun for any reason, as it can put others at risk for injury. There are many videos and tips you can find online providing you instructions to change your gun to make it fire bullets faster or with more power to fly further. This can lead to more injuries, as the safety precautions built into your gun may be overridden when you change how the gun works. Foam bullets flying faster than they were intended to can injure your friends and other participants.

It is also a good idea not to change the coloring and exterior appearance of your Nerf gun to make it look more realistic. This can confuse passersby and neighbors not involved in your Nerf game, leading them to believe you are using a real weapon. They may even call the police. For this reason, leave your Nerf gun painted its original bright colors.