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Tips For Evaluating Dedicate-A-Star Companies

If you've decided to give someone you care about the unique gift of dedicating a star in his or her name, a quick bit of online research will reveal that there are several different companies that offer this service. You might be tempted to buy your gift from the company that is the most affordable, but there are a number of ways that you should be evaluating these companies against each other. Choosing the right dedicate-a-star service for your gift increases the probability that both you and the recipient will be satisfied with your selection. Here are some tips for this evaluation.

Quality Of The Certificate

When you dedicate a star in someone's name, you'll be presenting him or her with a certificate that provides information about the star that you've chosen. Browse different companies' website to look for examples of their certificates; any reputable company of this type should provide visuals of how its certificates appear. Look for one that looks authoritative and professional. For example, it should be evident that a graphic artist designed the certificate, rather than someone building it with a word processing program.

Star Chart

You also want to choose a company that will provide you with a star chart to give to the recipient. This cements what could seem like a bit of an abstract gift. A star chart should show a particular part of the night sky with the person's star visible. It should be easy for the person to identify his or her star by looking at the constellations that are evident on the star chart and then searching for them in the sky as a reference point. In many ways, the start chart is just as important as the dedication certificate when it comes to finding the best company from which to make your purchase.

Help With The Choice

Give a few companies a call to ask for advice about choosing which star to dedicate. There are a few things that you should be evaluating during this conversation. A big factor is for the company's representative to ask you where the recipient of the gift is located so that you can pick a star accordingly. The last thing that you want is to inadvertently pick a star that is highly visible in one hemisphere, and then give it as a gift to someone who lives in a different hemisphere — and is thus not able to see the star with ease.