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How A Thermal Camera Can Help You Find Areas Of Your Home That Are Wasting Energy

A thermal camera comes is useful to have around your house. While a professional camera used by a contractor or other professional is quite expensive, you can buy a more affordable model for home use that can help you locate energy leaks so you know where to start in making your home energy-efficient. Here are some ways to use a thermal camera at home.

Look In The Attic For Leaks

A thermal camera detects temperature changes rather than take pictures of the surroundings. The photo or video you see is a combination of colors so you can tell where cold and hot spots are located in the area you are examining. This could help you find roof leaks in the attic or gaps around vents that need to be sealed. The camera can also show areas of weak insulation due to the temperature changes when compared to an area that has more insulation. This information lets you know if you need to add insulation, where you need to put it, and where you need to plug holes in the roof.

Test Your Windows For Heat Transfer

A thermal camera will detect air leaks around your windows so you can plug them. After you've applied weatherstripping, you can check your work and make sure there's a difference. You can also check your windows for energy efficiency. If you have old windows, you may be surprised at the amount of heat that passes through them. This could lead to the realization your home needs new windows or needs film applied to the glass to reduce the strain on your HVAC and stop drafts and heat loss.

Check Walls For Insulation And Water Leaks

A thermal camera gives you an idea of what's going on behind your walls without having to tear open a hole to peek. By scanning the outside of the wall, you'll see different colors that correspond to different temperatures. This could reflect areas that need more insulation or an area where there is a water leak. If you've been having high water bills, a thermal camera can help you locate a leak since a leak from a hot water pipe will show as hotter than the surrounding wall and a cold water leak will show a cold color. If your camera is sensitive enough, it can even pick up pests behind walls, so you'll know if you have rats that might be destroying the insulation.

A thermal camera is a useful tool for helping you pinpoint energy leaks around your home, and it's also a fun tool to use. You can learn a lot of information even with an affordable camera. By finding problem areas in your house, you can make repairs so your home is more energy-efficient and your power bills stay controlled.