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Give A Personalized Engraved Luggage Tag To These People As A Gift

When you travel, you might be in the habit of using the paper luggage tag that your airline provides and hurriedly writing your name and contact information on it before you check your suitcase. A better option is to invest in an engraved luggage tag that lists these personal details. Not only will you save the time and hassle of filling out a tag each time you fly, but your suitcase will also look stylish and professional. A personalized engraved luggage tag can be a perfect gift too, and you may wish to think about having one made for these individuals.

A Frequent Business Traveler

If you run a company, it's nice to think of little ways that you can recognize your employees from time to time. It's possible that some of your employees need to travel a lot for business. If so, consider having engraved luggage tags made up for them. You can have their name and contact information engraved on one side of the tag and the company's name and/or logo on the other side of the tag. Giving these tags out to your frequent travelers is an effective way to recognize their efforts for your organization.

An Athletic Teen

If your teenager is an avid athlete who plays one or more sports at the competitive level, there's a good chance that he or she will start to travel a lot. While his or her team will likely provide your teen with a team-branded duffel bag and perhaps even some other pieces of luggage, you'll want to give your teen a way to make these bags stand out. An engraved luggage tag can be the perfect gift to present your teen on the eve of his of her first team trip of the season. Consider the teen's name and contact information on one side of the tag and perhaps his or her jersey number or the team's logo on the other side.

A Honeymoon Gift

When you get married, it's customary to give a gift to your new spouse. There are many different ideas that you can have, but one option is to think about a custom engraved luggage tag. If your spouse is changing his or her surname to your surname, this can be a fun way to celebrate this change — and it might be among the first times that your spouse sees his or her married name written out. You can provide the name and address on one side of the tag and a stylized version of your wedding date on the other side.