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The Three Best Kinds Of Novelty Paris Texas T-Shirts

If you are visiting Paris, Texas, and want a commemorative T-Shirt, you have a variety of options beyond the basic tourism-adjacent shops. Here are three ways you can find unique t-shirt souvenirs from this fascinating town.

University T-Shirts

One of the best places to find a t-shirt for the area you are visiting is any big department store such as Walmart, Target, or even malls near the local community and state colleges. Universities tend to bring out a lot of local pride, especially when it comes to sports, so you should have an easy time finding a shirt celebrating the local area. Plus, many local schools will buy collegiate t-shirts for their teachers for career days. Paris Texas has a small undergraduate university called Paris Junior College, and you should be able to find t-shirts with the college insignia and motto, plus other t-shirts not specific to that college.

Local Secondhand Stores

Any city you visit most likely has an area that caters to tourists with plenty of T-Shirts available. However, these shops are probably not the ones that locals go to, much less re-sell their shirts to. You should instead visit a local secondhand store and see if they have a novelty T-Shirt available. Not only will you be able to find a variety of T-Shirts local to the area, but you should also be able to find much lower prices than stores with new shirts or shirts meant for tourists. Paris Texas has a variety of different thrift stores in and around the area, and you should be able to find the kind of t-shirts that celebrates Paris TX specifically.

Museum Shirts

Another great option for unique t-shirts you can't possibly get anywhere else but Paris Texas is visiting one of the many museums that are in the area. The Fannin County Historical Museum and the NE Texas Children's Museum are both fairly highly rated. Not every museum will have a gift shop or one that sells T-Shirts, but you may be able to call ahead and check. Plus, many museums open to the public have very affordable fees for entry. Not only can you have a unique experience in a museum you can't find anywhere else, but a t-shirt to remember it by.

When visiting any city, there are dozens of places to buy novelty t-shirts. For Paris, Texas specifically you have the option of local collegiate t-shirts, t-shirts from local thrift stores, and those from museums. 

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