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Shopping For A Rare Collectible

Shopping for a collectible can be time-consuming, especially if you are searching for a vintage piece that is rare. Some pawnbrokers feature items that aren't sold in mainstream stores or that are seldom easily found through private dealers. Use these tips to help you be successful in your quest.

Use A Comparable Piece Or Provide An Item Number

If you own a collection of figurines, silverware, or vintage tools, bringing in one of your original items can aid a pawnbroker in looking through their inventory to find comparable products that were manufactured by the same company. Another useful tool is to research the piece that you are seeking.

Acquire the model or item number, the size and color of the piece, and any descriptive characteristics. If you are able to obtain an actual photograph of what you are searching for, bring this and the other information with you to a pawnshop. Some people prefer to browse through merchandise on their own. Likewise, you may decide upon this method as well if you think that you may be interested in some additional items that are on display.

If you plan on scouring several pawnshops, however, and are going to conduct your search in one day, head right to the customer service counter that is inside of each shop and furnish the information that you have about the item.

Don't Give Up Hope

If your first round of searches is unsuccessful, don't give up hope on finding what you are after. If you ask, a pawnshop owner may keep a lookout for the item you want and may notify you if they are able to acquire the piece. In the meantime, care for your current collection or begin another type of collection to keep busy with your hobby. Perhaps you can categorize all of your collectibles and set them up inside of a display case.

Create a label for each item and use lighting to enhance the collection. Save some space inside of the display for the piece that you hope to acquire via a pawnshop or for other items that you plan on purchasing from a pawnshop. If you own any items of value that you ever wish to part with, do business through the same pawnbroker. The funds that you acquire can be used to aid you in a journey to complete one of your existing collections. 

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