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4 Party Themes That Center Around A Giraffe Plushie

When planning a child's party, deciding on a theme can be tricky, and a good place to start is with a gift. A giraffe plushie and children's book set is cute and fun and an easy thing to build a party around. Here are four party themes that pair perfectly with a giraffe plushie. 

1. A Day at the Zoo 

Every kid loves a trip to the zoo. A zoo-themed party is the perfect setting to present your little one with a lovable giraffe plushie and some picture books. You can start the party at the zoo and finish up with zoo-themed cupcakes. Try placing the plushie in the center of the table next to a cupcake holder full of cupcakes topped with animal figurines. The kids are bound to love the cupcakes, and your birthday kid will love the plushie and books. 

2. Safari Adventures 

When you look at a giraffe plushie, you probably can't help thinking of the safari. A safari-themed party is a fun choice. You can make a game out of finding the gifts. Hide the giraffe plushie and set up a safari with various animal cardboard cutouts. Have the kids decorate their own safari jeeps made from cardboard boxes, and then have them follow a trail around the yard or house to spot the different animals; make sure that the giraffe is the last one on the trail. You can serve animal-shaped cookies and sit down and read to the kids out of the picture books to finish up the day. 

3. Favorite Animals

Children generally love animals of all kinds. You can use your giraffe plushie gift to build up an animal-themed party. You can make animal prints the decoration of the day, and you can even have the children bring their own favorite stuffed animals to the party. Give your giraffe plushie gift to your child at the beginning of the party, and then make fun games that the children can participate in along with their stuffed animals, like a toy toss. You can have face painting and have the kids' faces painted as their favorite animal. Serve up a cake that matches your giraffe plushie with giraffe spots in fondant. 

4. A Night at the Circus 

A circus theme is easy to build around a giraffe plushie and children's book set. Set up a tent and ring in the yard or house, and then, acting like the ringleader, bring out the giraffe plushie and present it to the birthday boy or girl. You can play games like juggling and jumping through hoops. If the circus happens to be in town, you can take your kids to see it to finish off the party, and be sure to bring the giraffe plushie along for the fun!